Custom Tailoring vs. One Size Fits All

Like everyone else, I get up in the morning and put my pants on one leg at a time. Unlike anyone else, when I get dressed, I tend to think about document management software. Here’s why…

The fact, in our society, we wear clothing that can be bought affordably, off the rack, in sizes that match to our body type is something we tend to take for granted. But this modern convenience has been mainstream for less than a hundred years—and took nearly 50 years to catch on.

Prior to the emergence of “ready to wear” clothing, people either hired professional tailors to make custom-fitted clothing, or they made it themselves. The former was the choice of the wealthy; the rest of us would have resorted to needle and thread.

It wasn’t until the U.S. Civil War when factories producing munitions and other supplies began to make uniforms, that ready-to-wear clothing got its legs. Commercial garment manufacturers sprung up when they saw the efficiency and followed suit (pun intended).

So how does this relate to document management software?

A solution that fits
Fortune 500 companies (see rich people above) are perfectly fine spending millions of dollars on highly customized solutions to digitize paper and automate workflows (see custom clothing above).

On the other end of the spectrum, small-to-medium-sized companies have historically had to settle for cheap off the shelf or scanner-bundled document capture software that they could afford, but that failed to deliver a complete solution. To extend the clothing metaphor, these products left them “exposed” in one way or another. Either they served the specific needs of a single department, or they took a “one size fits all” approach that failed to address any department’s needs.

We felt that there was a quicker, easier way to give the mid-market the solutions they needed. So we introduced KwikApps. KwikApps are pre-configured business process solutions that fit any document, any department, and any process, regardless of the size of the organization.

The One System for Any Business Process
In 2014, we introduced our next generation KwikTag Platform built from the ground up to uniquely automate mid-market business processes. It offers 80% of the feature/function, at 20% of the price, with 10% of the deployment time of enterprise content management solutions. It caters directly to how and why the mid-market buys and offers value that is unmatched by any of our competitors.

With KwikApps built on top of the KwikTag platform, ImageTag and its partners are ready to solve the world’s business process pains—one KwikApp at a time.