Construction Market Finds an Accounts Payable Home That Was Built for Dynamics SL

Project-based accounting in Dynamics SL now has a solution for users anywhere

Professionals in the construction market don’t live in the office. It’s often the case that project managers responsible for receiving materials and their supporting documentation are at the construction site the majority of the time, and may rarely if ever, go to the corporate office.

The physical disconnection from the office creates several challenges for accounting, materials tracking and project and task allocation.

KwikTag for SL addresses each of those issues with a unique, purpose-built solution that was designed specifically for organizations that use Dynamics SL. While there are significant benefits of this solution for project-based and non-project accounting processes, it really makes project-related invoice management as easy as a tablet tap. From document submission to editing project details to approval, users can manage their documents from anywhere, any device and any browser – and then get back to work.


One of the largest hospitality and development companies in the country uses Dynamics SL and came to ImageTag when faced with similar challenges. They implemented KwikPayables for SL, an end-to-end accounts payable automation solution that includes the KwikTag SL Pro Client and KwikTag Anywhere.

Before implementing KwikTag, materials would be delivered to construction sites and the printed documentation that came with it was often lost. Once accounting did receive the documents, invoices or otherwise, they were often late, which frustrated vendors and the accounting team alike. There were more delays at the next step of gathering the project and task details so that invoices could be properly coded and processed. The project managers responsible for this were still in the field and had little or no time to chase these details. The final step of approval was no picnic either because the papers would wait for the approver(s) to get to them, which further delayed processing and payment.

Especially in construction projects that include significant financial incentives to finish early, if payments for materials and resources are not paid promptly, the risk of finishing late is very costly. In addition to the onsite risk of deliveries not made and projects being put on hold for lack of payment, the corporate office has little or no visibility into the financial health of the project.

Now, with KwikPayables for SL, it is easy for project or construction site managers to submit any document from their mobile device and email it to corporate, or scan it straight into KwikTag.

The documents, specifically invoices, are quickly and efficiently indexed by the accounting team using the KwikTag SL Pro Client. The template feature automatically displays all invoice header and line item details, making the data entry experience fast while the layout is just like Dynamics SL, which minimizes the learning curve. Once indexed and submitted for KwikTag workflow routing, the invoice is sent to the project manager for project and task details.

The onsite project manager can receive an email notification with the invoice attached for brief review. The typical experience is that the project manager logs into KwikTag Anywhere on their tablet device, taps the “Project” and “Task” fields to select from the options available in SL, and submits the invoice for final approval.


Approvers then login to KwikTag Anywhere, or respond to an email notification with their approval. A tap or click completes the process, and the invoices are routed straight to SL for automatic voucher creation.

With our new KwikTag SL Pro Client, combined with KwikTag Anywhere, the organization now has an end-to-end project accounting solution that is purpose-built for each user and role in the process.

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