Be Scrappy – Be Smart – Automate!

Randy Eckel, CEO, ImageTag

Here at ImageTag, we know the recession was hard on US middle-market businesses and money has remained tight.

We know because we happen to be one of those middle market companies. Like other middle market companies, we faced the challenge of doing more with less in a competitive market. To continue to grow, we had be innovative, clever, and persistent.

Like our customers, we had to be “scrappy”.

We built the new KwikTag v6 for “scrappy” companies. We’ve been using KwikTag v6 throughout our own company to boost efficiency by automating tedious, routine and non-value-add activities. Efficiency gains easily justified the investment in time and budget to leverage KwikTag to automate processes enterprise-wide. But the REAL significant impact has been on employee performance and job satisfaction. Once everyone got used to spending less time on invoice approvals, expense reports and other tedium, the drive to automate became habit-forming.

Today, we use KwikTag ourselves to automate invoice processing and many of our HR processes including MBO (our performance planning/execution process) and time off requests—along with all of our expense management.  For every process that gets simpler and easier, three new ideas spring up. With KwikTag, efficiency breeds more efficiency.

This experience—of continuing to digitize and automate, department by department—has been the same for us as for many of our customers. They’ve described the drive to automate and root out inefficiency as “addicting.”  Once that happens, efficiency becomes an expectation. And everyone suddenly develops an allergic reaction to wasted time and money.

As our customers have told us, once you begin to automate and eliminate inefficiency with KwikTag, you begin to discover OTHER processes to automate and take the pain out of process. The best part is that once you have the KwikTag platform in place, the cost of automating additional processes gets lower and lower and the ROI occurs very quickly.

Our new eBook, “Life Hack Your Business,” explores many of these automation opportunities. It also identifies some symptoms and pains of doing things the hard way that you may not have even considered.

Download a copy and give it a quick read. I hope it gives you the motivation to take the next step.

– Randy