AP Automation for the Microsoft Dynamics Mid-Market

KwikTag Whitepaper Discussing Barriers to Automation

The mid-market is a large and important sector of the American economy. In fact, more than 200,000 mid-market businesses are responsible for approximately 30 million American jobs. Mid-market companies tend to be manufacturing or service-oriented (i.e., business, health, and educational services), and usually use ERP platforms built and geared toward their specific industries.

Mid-market organizations face many challenges with back-office operations, such as accounts payable and finance departments. Oftentimes, mid-market organizations cannot rely on manual processes, such as data entry, spreadsheets, or other paper-based processes, due to a consistent amount of company growth (employees, locations, departments, etc). Because of this, many mid-market organizations look to address scalability and efficiency in their practices and processes- sooner, rather than later.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP systems are very popular amongst mid-market organizations, because they are specially designed for the growth and flexibility required by so many mid-market businesses. There are more than 180,000 organizations that are currently using a product from the MS Dynamics family.

ERP systems, such as the ones built by Microsoft Dynamics, are designed to consolidate business-related information and create a single database source for business intelligence. However, they do little in terms of easing the manual processes that burden many AP and finance departments. ERP systems are also not designed to process and organize commonly occurring paper trails, such as invoice data entry and review and approval processes.

It is for this reason that many mid-market Dynamics users look to implement an AP automation solution that works with their ERP.

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