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AP Automation for Dynamics SL

KwikPayables is a powerful accounts payable automation solution that integrates with Dynamics SL and intelligently routes invoices for project and task coding as well as electronic review and approval, with the automatic creation of the Voucher and Adjustment Entry (VAE) transaction in SL. With KwikPayables for SL, you can eliminate paper, save time, and gain complete visibility of your entire AP and payment batch approval processes.

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AP Automation for Dynamics SL

With KwikPayables for SL, invoices are captured in digital format, whether scanned in as paper, uploaded or emailed. AP users have instant access to their invoices, related to purchase orders or not. Invoice indexing is fast and easy, with a real-time connection to Dynamics SL for data validation, and can be saved as templates for future use.

Invoices can be routed for project and task coding, or simply review and approval. Upon approval, the Voucher and Adjustment Entry is automatically created in Dynamics SL, with the document already associated and visible from within SL or KwikPayables. KwikPayables also includes a payment batch approval solution, and supports project and non-project based invoices

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Improve Efficiency and Reduce Costs

The KwikPayables integration with Dynamics SL delivers real-time visibility into vendors, purchase orders, order receipts and project data. Everything is accessible within KwikPayables, so there is no duplicate data entry or guesswork on available P.O.s to invoice against.

In addition to the invoice transactions, documents such as purchase requests, packing slips, bills of lading or other related documents, can be “tagged” (attached) to their relevant transactions in SL and they will be automatically associated with the invoice transaction upon creation of the VAE in SL at the conclusion of the KwikPayables process. KwikPayables provides a complete audit trail for internal search and reporting needs as well as audit and compliance requirements.

All documents that flow through KwikPayables are stored in KwikTag and can be easily searched, shared and audited, while being stored in the digital drawer that directly relates to the SL form or transaction.

Key Features of KwikPayables for SL

Invoice Automation

KwikPayables supports P.O. or non-P.O. invoices while associating documents to the appropriate purchasing and invoice transactions in
Dynamics SL. All documents are stored digitally in KwikPayables.

Digital Approval

KwikPayables for SL provides approvers with complete visibility of their audit trail, workflow comments, and project coding, allowing convenient and quick online or email
approval of invoices.

Project Coding

KwikPayables integrates with SL for vendor
look-up, as well as project, task, purchase orders and order receipt data. Project and task codes can be updated or added during any
step in the process.

Project-Based Invoice Transactions

Reduce manual data entry and potential human error when you streamline the payables process with KwikPayables for project-based invoices – from invoice capture with real-time availability of SL project and task data to intelligent approval routing and creation of the Voucher and Adjustment Entry in Dynamics SL. The entire workflow history is available for search and retrieval or for audit purposes. Plus, supporting documents can always be added to the SL transactions or within KwikTag, even after transactions are posted.

P.O.-Based Invoice Transactions

KwikPayables for SL supports purchase order invoices whether project-based or not. KwikPayables accelerates the process with real-time access to the vendor and account details. When purchase orders are part of your process, it is critical to be able to match the invoice to the purchase order and the receiving transaction, if applicable, to support 2-way matching and 3-way matching of the invoice to its purchase order data. KwikPayables creates the VAE with the invoice and all of the related documents visible from within SL or KwikPayables.

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