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AP Automation for Dynamics GP

KwikPayables is an accounts payable automation solution designed to provide a completely digital, touchless workflow for payables and purchasing related invoices. KwikPayables intelligently extracts invoice data, routes invoices for approval and automatically creates the appropriate GP transactions, with the documents already attached. KwikPayables for GP can be managed on-premises or hosted in the cloud.

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AP Automation for Dynamics GP

KwikPayables for Dynamics GP eliminates paper as invoices are digitally captured and electronically routed throughout the AP process. KwikPayables combines intelligent data extraction, and artificial intelligence (AI), with a real-time connection with GP to validate and populate vendor information, GL codes and other relevant invoice data. Data entry is practically eliminated, while data accuracy is significantly improved.

Invoices are automatically routed for online or email approval and, upon approval, the relevant transactions are automatically created in GP. Documents, while stored in KwikPayables, are associated to and visible from the GP transactions. KwikPayables supports purchase order and non-purchase order invoice automation, providing total visibility of an entire AP process, with complete workflow history so you can easily meet audit and compliance requirements.

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Improve Efficiency and Data Accuracy

KwikPayables allows you to eliminate manual steps in your invoice receipt, coding and approval process, which saves time and increases efficiency.

KwikPayables has a direct, real-time integration with Dynamics GP that validates invoice data with vendor and purchase order information in GP. This takes the guesswork out of the data validation process as invoices are reviewed by AP before they are routed for review and approval. All documents that flow through KwikPayables are stored in KwikTag and can be easily searched and shared.

Plus, KwikPayables includes multiple reports that provide insight into the status of invoices, such as those that are pending approval, so you can quickly identify bottlenecks, see GL accruals and access audit reports.

When your accounts payable process or accounting-related documents also include other software solutions, such as Binary Stream Multi-Entity Management (MEM), SalesPad and others, we have integrations that streamline your process.

Key Features of KwikPayables for GP

Invoice Automation

KwikPayables offers support for payables, shipment/invoice and enter/match invoices, while automatically relating associated documents to their relevant invoice transactions in Dynamics GP.

Digital Approval

KwikPayables for GP improves process visibility and provides approvers with complete audit trail, workflow comments, and GL coding for convenient online approval of invoices and payment batches.

Intelligent OCR

ktIQ is an add-on module to the KwikPayables solution, combining the power of intelligent OCR and AI for invoice data extraction with a real-time GP integration to auto-index P.O. or non-P.O. based invoices.

Payables Invoice Transactions

Reduce manual data entry and potential human error when you streamline the payables process with KwikPayables – from invoice capture to intelligent data extraction through approval routing and creation of the Payables Transaction Entry in Dynamics GP.

The entire workflow history is available for search and retrieval or for audit purposes. Plus, supporting documents can always be added to the GP transactions or within KwikTag, even after transactions are posted.

Purchase Order Invoice Transactions

When purchase orders are part of your process, it is critical to match the invoice to the purchase order and the receiving transaction, to support 2-way and 3-way matching of the invoice to its purchase order data.

KwikPayables provides completely touchless P.O. invoice processing, and you only need to route for approval if there are exceptions. KwikPayables creates the Purchasing Invoice Entry or Shipment/Invoice transaction in Dynamics GP automatically.

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