7 Reasons to Make the Move to Process Automation in 2015

Hey everybody Jon Michaels here at Image Tag.

We have some amazing product announcements that we are coming out with here in the next couple of days and I want to make sure you hear about them from me directly. I encourage you to ask your Microsoft partner of record or IT consultant about them too.

Document Management Platform Enhancements

#1 is the KwikTag platform version 6.1. In it, we have taken everything that we have learned about KwikTag v6 and made hundreds of improvements in the area of user experience performance, scalability, reliability, so we have really put our heart and soul in the v6.1 platform. If you are a KwikTag customer in good standing with your support maintenance call up support and you will get the new software for free.

#2 The workflow engine now processes everything immediately. Get instantaneous updates, no more waiting; no more pulling or queuing.

#3 We are introducing a HUGE change to our license model. All approval licenses and occasional use licenses are 100% free forever.  Huge, free. 100% free forever I kid you not. Learn more

Expense Management Platform Enhancements

#4 KwikExpense version 6.1 came out with huge improvements to usability. You can now manage your entire expense process online, no more paper expense reports or receipts. And you get complete visibility into the whole process. See it in action

Forms Automation

#5 We have a brand new app, KwikForms, that automates the entire forms process within your organization. No more paper forms, no more Word or PDF forms, no more Excel forms and no more wasting time looking for your company forms. All of your forms are in one system of record, nice and secure. And we wrap it with a work flow designer so the work flow can be created by you, the user.  And you don’t have to chase us or the developer from IT to do it for you, so it is super easy.

#6 We are coming out with a new user client called KwikDocs. If you’re familiar with our Office Docs client of previous KwikTag versions, this is all of that functionality and a whole lot more. KwikDocs is imbedded within Microsoft Office, making it super easy to capture Word and Excel and other content** as well as send it directly to Kwik Tag. The work flow wrapper and designer applies here as well so that forms can be immediately put into a work flow to be routed for review, editing and approval.  Kwik Docs is really cool and we think you’ll love it. Learn more

OCR Intelligent Cloud Extraction

#7 This is as cool as ice. ICE is our new intelligent cloud extraction, which is the new OCR engine that lives in the cloud and can be completely run as a SaaS-based OCR engine or it can run on premises. The SaaS model is easy, fast and very affordable for any size business.

KwikApps End of Year Promo

Last but not least we are offering a 25% discount on all of our Kwik Apps between now and December 24th. So there has never been a better time to move from manual, painful, paper-based processes to one system that can automate every area of your organization. Connect with your account manager, find out as much as you can about all of these great new products and promotions and we will see you next time.

Happy Holidays!