6 Reasons Companies Can Be Brought To Their Operational Knees – And How Process Automation Helps Avoid It

Part 1 of 6

ImageTag recently held a webinar with MSDynamics World, and we are highlighting a portion of that webinar with this series of operational pitfalls and how they can be avoided with document management and process automation.

Let’s talk about broken business processes and answer the question – Just what causes a business to be brought to its operational knees in the first place? At ImageTag, we have found it is tied to 1 or more of 6 reasons and fear not; these things can be avoided. If your organization is already suffering, we can help you fix those broken processes.

The number one reason a company will be brought to its operational knees is too much time spent shuffling paper around. Following is an actual customer story and how we helped solve it.

One of our favorite customers is the largest potato grower and producer in the country. They came to ImageTag when their accounting and HR staff were about to organize a total mutiny against management because important documents were being stored off-site on giant wooden shrink wrapped pallets in places like farmhouses, grain silos and feed warehouses.. During audit time, which is stressful enough, the office staff had to drive in the North Dakota cold to these locations to sift and sort through pallet after pallet, box after box looking for documents, while , battling bugs, rats and all sorts of other vermin who were themselves trying to seek warmth and food.  I don’t know if you have ever gone face-to-face with a hungry, freezing North Dakota rats in February, but we hear it’s not fun.

You can imagine how none of this was drawn up in the job description. The notion of spending all of that time driving to and from and battling the elements and rats really brought that company to the point where they just said enough is enough. ImageTag was able to help them take all of the paper and digitize it using our core KwikTag Anywhere system so employees and auditors can easily search for any document and FIND them, all from the comfort of their desk.

To learn more about how ImageTag can help your business capture, integrate and automate your business processes feel free to watch the full webinar with MSDynamics World and visit KwikTag.com for more information.