6 Reasons Businesses Can Be Brought To Their Operational Knees – And How To Recover With The Help Of Process Automation

Part 2 of 6

ImageTag recently held a webinar with MSDynamics World and we are highlighting a portion of that webinar with this series of operational pitfalls and how they can be avoided with document management and process automation.

Let’s talk about broken business processes and answer the question – Just what causes a business to be brought to its operational knees in the first place? At ImageTag, we have found it is tied to 1 or more of 6 reasons and fear not; these things can be avoided. If your organization is already suffering, we can help you fix those broken processes.

The number two reason a company will be brought to its operational knees is wasted office space. Following is an actual customer story and how we helped solve it.

ImageTag works with many large companies that rent and or own some of the most expensive commercial real estate on the planet. They have offices in cities like New York, San Francisco, London, Sydney, Australia, Toronto, and others. These customers were allocating millions of dollars in usable office space per year to huge, ugly, inanimate file cabinets. That’s just an obnoxious office mate to have. It’s sometimes hard enough to get along with your office workers, but when your office mate is actually a huge file cabinet, that’s just not fun. This had been costing these customers countless thousands of dollars a year in wasted space that could be let go or repurposed for a better use. Not to mention allowing someone to have a friendly office mate.

The ROI story here extremely high as you might imagine these companies were able to recoup money lost due to wasted office space as well as improved business processes by using the KwikTag Anywhere document management platform.

To learn more about how ImageTag can help your business capture, integrate and automate your business processes feel free to watch the full webinar with MSDynamics World and visit KwikTag.com for more information.