6 Reasons Businesses Can Be Brought To Their Operational Knees – And How To Recover With The Help Of Process Automation

Part 6 of 6

ImageTag recently held a webinar with MSDynamics World and we are highlighting a portion of that webinar with this series of operational pitfalls and how they can be avoided with document management and process automation.

Let’s talk about broken business processes and answer the question – Just what causes a business to be brought to its operational knees in the first place? At ImageTag, we have found it is tied to 1 or more of 6 reasons and fear not; these things can be avoided. If your organization is already suffering, we can help you fix those broken processes.

The number six reason a company will be brought to its operational knees is a real bummer for a lot of folks, regulatory compliance. Read on to learn about this customer situation and how KwikTag helped solve it with document management to meet audit and compliance requirements.

If you work for or own a business which is highly regulated by the government or some other entity, you know how ridiculously complicated and complex your business processes are to manage. It’s five times the paperwork. It’s 10 times the decision-making logic. It takes 15 times as long and it’s 20 times as expensive to get anything done and it’s just the cost of doing business. Unfortunately, it is what it is.

One ImageTag customer, is a large food product company out of Chicago, of course, regulated by the Federal Food and Drug Administration or the FDA. We help them track and manage every single ingredient in every single product that they made, literally millions of combinations. When the FDA shows up on your doorstep and wants to know why the Kosher, Passover macaroons have caramelized bacon bits in them, well, now at least they know the answer.

We worked with them to tailor an application that was designed to manage all of the ingredient documentation associated with any food product. This enables them to quickly and easily find and produce all of the documentation for any audits – compliance-related or otherwise.

To learn more about how ImageTag can help your business capture any document, integrate with any system and automate any business process, watch the full webinar with MSDynamics World and visit KwikTag.com for more information.