6 Reasons Businesses Can Be Brought To Their Operational Knees – And How To Recover With The Help Of Process Automation

Part 5 of 6

ImageTag held a webinar with MSDynamics World and we are highlighting a portion of that webinar with this series of operational pitfalls and how they can be avoided with document management and process automation.

Let’s talk about broken business processes and answer the question – Just what causes a business to be brought to its operational knees in the first place? At ImageTag, we have found it is tied to 1 or more of 6 reasons and fear not; these things can be avoided. If your organization is already suffering, we can help you fix those broken processes.

The number five reason a company will be brought to its operational knees is growth. Following is an actual customer story and how we helped address their sales order process challenges. .

While growth is great for your business, it can also be a challenge to keep up with the pace. We helped a large lumber company on the East Coast automate their sales order process as they opened up new facilities. They were growing like crazy. Where it used to take hours and days to process and fulfill lumber orders; we automated the sales order and payment processes with our KwikPayables application and it now takes only minutes to process orders and payments. So, their customers like suppliers for the Major League Baseball teams are all super pleased about how fast they are able to deliver on those orders.

Here is a short video telling their story.

To learn more about how ImageTag can help your business capture any document, integrate with any system and automate any business process, watch the full webinar with MSDynamics World and visit KwikTag.com for more information.