KwikTag Win Wire Q2 – Faithlife Corporation

In June, the Faithlife Corporation (formerly Logos Bible Software) working with Resource Group chose KwikTag along with KwikPayables and KwikExpense and a Tailored KwikForm solution to modernize their manual processes.

Faithlife was using a very manual process to get their Commission and Quota Forms as well as their Event Forms approved through their appropriate approvers and before being sent onto their Payroll department. Payroll then needed to keep track of these paper forms until all of the commissions had been paid and then file them away. The Events form needed to be referenced when Faithlife participated in an Event and then all expenses tracked back to that Event; all manually and then filed away. Each of those forms required supporting documentation included with the main forms.

They are now going to automate both of these processes by utilizing KwikTag Form Automation and Workflow along with Document Associations to accommodate for the Supporting Documentation. Saving hours of time and frustration!

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