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KwikForms enables any department in your organization to use your form templates, complete them in their native application (Word, Excel, Outlook and PDF), and route them for approval. Better yet, you can build a simple workflow in a few clicks, no developer required. And all of your forms and related documents can be easily viewed in a 360-degree case view. With KwikForms, you’ll never need to print a form again.

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Automate Any Form-based Process with KwikForms

KwikForms is a forms automation solution that puts the power of workflow creation in the hands of the business user, with your organization’s form templates. You can conveniently send documents from their native application, like Microsoft Word, Excel or Outlook or Adobe Reader (using KwikDocs), directly to KwikForms. Now you can manage forms across any department or process with the same system.

Human Resources
Manage and view HR records from pre-hire throughout employment
Vendor Management
Onboard vendors and access applications and agreements online
Legal Contracts
Provide secure access to legal agreements and contracts from anywhere
Track orders, quality control checks and product acceptance in 1 view
Corporate Forms
Standardize organizational forms so everyone uses the same template

How Does KwikForms Work?

KwikForms is designed for you. No IT required. As a department manager, you can create a form-based workflow in three simple steps.

  1. Define the workflow in KwikForms
  2. Create and upload the form template
  3. Assign routing, approval and user permissions

Anyone who needs to submit forms into the process simply opens the form template, completes the form and saves it directly to KwikTag for the next step in the process, review, approval and storage.

Once the forms are approved and securely stored in KwikTag, you can easily access all related forms and document in a 360-degree case view, as well as quickly find files by type, name or multiple other criteria. No more chasing templates, forms or approved documents!

Why People Choose KwikTag

We’ve been extremely happy with the KwikTag product. It’s really achieved all the goals we set out to accomplish and has been a great experience!

KwikTag is a great product that is mission critcal to our company.

Automated Forms Management That Fits Any Industry!

  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Distribution/Supply
  • Restaurant/Retail

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