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Get a dedicated technical account manager (TAM) to proactively manage and coordinate your KwikTag support needs. To learn more download our KwikTag Enterprise Services flyer or contact Brian Basiliere, ImageTag account executive at 888-594-5824 or bbasiliere@imagetag.com.

Announcing KwikTag v6.3!

Review the latest Release Notes for the generally available version.

Visit the KwikTag YouTube channel for videos of product demos, case studies and “how-to tips”.

  • If you are currently using KwikTag v5 or later, the upgrade to v6 is included in your support and maintenance agreement.
  • If you are on an earlier KwikTag version and are ready to upgrade, please fill out this questionnaire: T3 Upgrade Technical Questionnaire and view the T3 Upgrade Information pages from the left menu

Technical Support

Technical support is available for KwikTag customers with a current Support Agreement business days between 6:00 AM and 6:00 PM Mountain Standard Time.

Call 1-877-KWIK-111 (1-877-594-5111) or email support@imagetag.com at anytime and we will contact you during our support hours.


General Questions

If you are unable to find something you need, or have questions about your support agreement, upgrades, or supplies, please contact Customer Care at wecare@imagetag.com.


For more information about KwikTag and its available document management solutions, peruse our resources. Our videos, downloadable brochures and case studies will provide you with more details on how KwikTag works, who it can help and how to use it. Download our technical document & FAQ.

KwikTag ROI Calculator

Learn how automation of AP invoice document management and approval processes can save you time and money! Please fill in the boxes on the left side below and click CALCULATE to see annual savings results on the right. Hover your mouse over the “i” icon for more information. Then, contact us to start saving time and money with KwikTag!

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Annual Filing Cost Reduction
Numerous citations list the cost to file a document at $20/document. If we cut this figure to a conservative $5/document, and assume a 30% time improvement, your annual savings is stated here.
Searching For Misfiled Documents
Numerous citations list the cost to find a lost document at $120/document. Numerous sources cite an average of 3 - 7.5% of documents are lost. This calculation assumes a very conservative 0.5% of documents lost to calculate your annual savings in finding lost documents.
Annual Cost to Maintain Files
Low cost of maintaining a paper file each year = $0.69. This calculation uses the 69 cents figure as the savings per file.
Annual Paper, Toner/Ink Cost Savings
Total Annual Savings for Document Management

Business Process Management (KwikPayables)

Annual Savings from Inquiry Time
Time savings in dollars from salary above
Invoice Processing Cost
Aberdeen estimates a cost reduction of $8.33 per invoice. We used $2/invoice to be conservative.
Approver Time Savings (5 min)
Saving just 5 minutes per invoice for approvers saves this amount per year at the modest salary of $36,000 (given that many approvers are executives)
Late Fee Avoidance (12% avoidance at 2.5%)
Avoid 2.5% late fees on 12% of average AP
Early-Pay Discounts Captured (2% of 10% Avg AP)
Capture 2% early pay discount on 10% of average AP
Shipping of Documents
$20 per overnight package from remote locations
Total Annual Savings For Business Processes

Total Annual Savings With Kwiktag $0

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