About ImageTag

Founded in 1997 by imaging industry veterans, ImageTag is the proven leader in document management solutions. As an innovator from the beginning, ImageTag created the first fully integrated Microsoft Dynamics platform that could seamlessly fit into existing business processes. Now with eight U.S. patents and the ability to integrate with any business application or portal, ImageTag solutions are simplifying document management for more than 300,000 users worldwide.

At ImageTag, our mission is to vastly improve the quality of people’s work lives. We strive to create clean and purposeful business solutions that are directly shaped by our users and partners. By building our platforms based on our customers’ needs, we deliver more practical and usable solutions that don’t interfere with existing business processes. By eliminating routine and repetitive manual tasks and automating workflows, KwikTag allows employees to focus on the most exciting, interesting and fulfilling parts of their jobs – without getting lost in a mess of paperwork.

With more than 96 percent of our customers renewing our support and maintenance services year after year, we know we create solutions that are powerful, practical and proven.

Leadership Team

Randy Eckel


An Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year recipient, Randy brings 116 years of executive and technology leadership experience to ImageTag. Ok maybe not 116, but Randy won’t tell us his age, so we estimated in Yoda-years.

One word that describes Randy is “visionary.” Randy’s vision of “KwikApps” as a cost-effective solution to automate document-burdened processes for any department in any organization came to fruition with the birth of KwikTag v5. Randy is proud of building the high-performance team who brought that vision to life.

You can spot Randy in the ImageTag office by his bright KwikTag-orange shoes. He buys a new style for every KwikApp the company launches.

Darius DiTallo

VP Finance, Chief Financial Officer

Darius brings over 30 years of experience in finance to ImageTag. He began his career with Price Waterhouse and continued to pursue a career in public accounting until 1989, when he moved on to corporate finance.

“Commitment to Integrity” best describes Darius. He manages the innovative financial strategies that create a strong foundation for ImageTag’s ambitious business goals. He is also the keeper and guardian of the ImageTag corporate culture, which focuses on the value of individualism and the amazing accomplishments we can achieve when we collectively work together. He loves introducing “the new folks” to our culture. The fact that he calls them “folks” says a lot about Darius.

Jon Michaels

General Manager, Channels
Jon has two decades of executive leadership experience running sales and marketing organizations of all sizes. Jon loves coaching his team to be the very best they can be while keeping things light and fun. This is evidenced by the fact that in over 20 years of executive management, 99.5% of the people Jon has hired have chosen to grow their careers on his team long term (i.e. they stay forever). One word that describes Jon? “Winning!” Under Jon’s leadership, average quarterly revenue and average deal size have more than doubled, corporate laughter has increased 1,000% and 74,271 wayward puppies have found a safe, warm home.

Danny Calhoun

VP, Support & Operations

Danny brings over 15 years of software support, operations and IT management experience to ImageTag.

“Zen” is a word that best describes Danny. He is probably one of the calmest, most good-natured and nicest guys you’ll ever meet. His even-tempered demeanor, plus the fact that he worked in Japan for five years, is why everyone thinks he’s so Zen.

Though he used to be known as the “Noodle Cup Guy,” he is getting comfortable being called “the ICE man,” now that he is the proud father of ImageTag’s new Intelligent Cloud Extraction (ICE) service.

Peter Clark

VP, Professional Services

Peter brings over 12 years professional service and Microsoft Dynamics platform integration experience to ImageTag.

“Sharp” is a word that best described Peter, both in terms of intellect and wit. Peter is part British, and part Canadian, which makes his no-nonsense, but cheeky approach to life sound downright charming.

Don’t let that fool you though—if you want a straight answer or a job exceptionally well done, Peter is your man. He loves the fast pace and constant challenge and is fueled by getting eager customers up and running on KwikTag…and lots of coffee...lots of mugs of coffee!

Mary Miller

Director of Marketing
With nearly 20 years of B2B technology marketing experience, Mary sparks motivation with a “lead by example” approach. She is always willing to lend a hand or an ear – to colleagues, customers and partners alike – to help address whatever challenge they are trying to overcome. Mary’s latest career highlights include the production of an inaugural partner summit that attracted more than 150 attendees who are still raving about the event. She also recently led the rebranding of a software company that, within just one year, doubled the customer base to exceed 1 million customers. It’s easy to see why her philosophy on work is simple – it’s not a job when you love what you do!

Michael Velasquez

Director of Software Development

Michael brings 9 years of software development experience to ImageTag and leads the company’s platform development efforts. One of his finest achievements as a senior developer at ImageTag was architecting the KwikTag workflow engine. He loves solving problems and seeing how his team’s work helps customers solve day-to-day business challenges.

Michael’s office is referred to as the Bat Cave. It is a space completely devoid of light from which no bad software code (or cans of Dr Pepper) can escape.

Erin Centenni

Office Manager

Erin brings 7 years of human resources and office management experience to ImageTag. She is the company’s primary internal customer for KwikTag, which helps her manage expense reimbursements, secure vendor invoice approvals and manage our job recruiting process.

Her co-workers and managers described Erin as “awesome” even before she started using KwikTag, but these days she makes it look easy.

Luke Detering

Director of Product Management

Luke brings over six years of .NET programming experience and hands-on knowledge of the capabilities of the KwikTag platform to his role of Director of Product Management.

Luke’s team mates describe him as keen and capable. Among the many projects he’s spearheaded at ImageTag, Luke is proud of creating the ability to easily import a KwikApp solution from one KwikTag platform to another.

Before he was a coder, Luke pursued a career as a professional golfer for five years and still maintains his professional status. We’re all glad he traded his pursuit of the ‘green jacket’ for KwikTag orange.


Our dynamic culture sets the stage for our employees as they strive to develop new ways to bring value to our partners and customers. ImageTag is an equal-opportunity employer offering a competitive compensation and benefits package with perks such as:

  • Insurance Plan for Medical, Dental & Vision
  • Health Club Membership Reimbursements
  • Employee Referral Program
  • 401K Plan
  • Life & Disability Insurance
  • Paid Vacations & Holidays

Current Job Openings

If you are interested in a career with ImageTag, please submit your resume to greatcareers@imagetag.com and we will reach out to you if we have an opening that suits your skills and qualifications.

ImageTag Partner Network

ImageTag has made significant investments to ensure ease of use in all of our products. Just as importantly, we have translated this simplicity into our relationships with our partners by offering easy marketing, selling and implementation services.

Our primary mission is to develop superior content management and workflow solutions to help customers streamline the processes that improve their service levels and bottom line. This is best achieved by having channel partners that engage with customers on a regular basis to learn the intimacies of their business operations. As such, the ImageTag Partner Network was designed to bridge superior products with customer advocates for the best possible solutions.

This program is designed to accommodate a variety of partners so organizations can select the desired participation level to achieve maximum results. We work with both Microsoft Dynamics partner organizations and organizations not affiliated with the Microsoft Corporation.

Partner Program

Join the ImageTag Partner Network and expand your portfolio with an award-winning document, case and routing and approval workflow management solution that is so unique, it's patented. Trademarked for its simplicity, KwikTag is the transactional content management solution of choice for Microsoft Dynamics ERP applications and stand-alone to scale throughout your enterprise.

ImageTag's Partner Network is comprised of two tracks, each providing many benefits to your organization:


ImageTag's Certified Reselling Partner track is easy to initiate and offers the highest margins on sales. Certified Reselling Partners also enjoy the most support, training and largest incentives for the partner taking the lead in the process of re-selling KwikTag.


ImageTag's Non-Certified Reselling Partner track offers flexibility for the partner who wants to increase their overall product offering by including the kwiktag solution, but not being as involved in the process of re-selling kwiktag. The Non-Certified Reselling Partner track offers support, training and incentives on a more scaled level.

Join the ImageTag Partner Network today to start working with us!
For more information on our Partner Network, email us at partners@imagetag.com or call 888-KWIKTAG x167.

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